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Our private one-on-one lessons are customized according to each student's interest and ability. Rather than working page by page through a set curriculum of books, we ensure that students enjoy the learning process by choosing music that is of interest together. Songs are arranged to suit the skill level of each student, so that they are challenged to progress without being overwhelmed. We provide a free introductory lesson to all new and inquiring students to get to know each other and determine how we can support your student's musical development. Please see below for more detailed information on each aspect of our approach to quality music education. For information regarding payment and instructor availability please select from the top menu.


Nothing makes a musician more passionate about their craft than playing their favourite song. That is why the focus in lessons always centers on learning how to play and perform songs of your choosing. Together we explore the techniques, theory, structure, and challenges that are unique to each song. Over time you will develop a repertoire of tunes that is tailored to your interests.


Learning to play a musical instrument requires the development of a unique set of physical skills. Much of our curriculum is dedicated to building up hand dexterity, coordination, strength, and flexibility. Whether you are just learning how to strum the strings, name the keys, perform pinch harmonics, or play overtones, we are constantly challenging and encouraging mastery of your instrument.

Music Theory

If knowledge is power, then there is no greater power than music theory. We start by covering the basics of pitch, rhythm, and music notation and work our way up to more advanced concepts like intervals, scales, chords, chord progressions and music analysis. Our goal is to give you the tools to understand the ins and outs of what it is that makes music tick.

Ear Training

Music is an auditory art that requires the development of the ear. Much like the eye needs to be trained to identify the colour spectrum, our ears need to be taught how to identify different sonic qualities. You’ll learn to compare and match pitches, identify intervals and chords, and hone critical listening skills to help you discover all the beautiful and subtle components of your favourite music.


If you place a piece of music in front of one hundred musicians, you will get one hundred different performances. Some will use dynamics to bring contrast to the piece. They might drag or rush the tempo. Others will shape the phrase using staccatos, legatos, and grace notes. It is our ongoing mission to give you the skills and advice to help you discover your musical voice.


Being a musician is like being an explorer of uncharted land. There are so many tones and textures to discover. The search for creative new ways to express how we feel and to say something meaningful through sound is an ongoing pursuit. During lessons you will be taught how to create rhythms that groove, melodies that sing, and harmonies that evoke emotion. When all of those pieces come together you’ll be saying something words can’t describe.


One of the greatest thrills as a musician is to perform in front of a live audience. Regardless of where you play or who you play for, there are many factors that contribute to an inspiring performance. From being well rehearsed and having great stage presence, to choosing the right equipment for the job and troubleshooting your way through technical challenges, we are here to show you how to put it all together to capture an audience.

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