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Our policies are designed to communicate clear and honest expectations regarding your experience with Rhythm Tank Studio for the mutual benefit of families and instructors. All families of incoming students receive written copies of policies so that everyone is on the same page from the get go. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns using the contact info at the bottom of the page. 



The schedule comprises 30-minute time slots. Time slots are reserved on a first come, first serve basis with priority given to those who purchase pre-paid packages. Drop-in lessons must be scheduled ahead of time, and are subject to instructor availability.



Please arrive for your lesson on time to ensure you receive the full length of your lesson. Because we schedule our students back to back we cannot go over your scheduled end time. If you are going to be late, inform your instructor as soon as possible.



Many payment packages include flex weeks to miss or reschedule a lesson penalty-free. We ask that you do inform your instructor of any absences even when taking advantage of package flexibility.

For all payment packages, if no notice of absence is received you will be charged for that lesson, without opportunity to reschedule.

Rescheduling Lessons


If for any reason you are unable to make your scheduled lesson, inform your instructor as soon as possible. While we will do our best to accommodate for your situation, rescheduled lessons cannot be guaranteed. Please note that rescheduled lessons are dependent on instructor availability and discretion.


If your instructor has to cancel a lesson for any reason, they will notify you as soon as possible and make every effort to reschedule your lesson. Please be flexible, as your instructor's availability is based on the schedule.

Lesson Termination


If at any time you wish to stop taking lessons, please provide a minimum of two weeks written notice to your instructor in order to make changes to the schedule. You will receive a refund on any unused lessons that have been paid for.

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