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In our pursuit to find new ways to offer quality music education to our communities, we are excited to be expanding our services this school year to include group classes. If you are curious about either of the following group classes please give us a shout using the contact information at the bottom of the page. New semester begins September 2019!


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Discover Music! Playgroup

4-5yr olds: Thursdays 1:00pm - 2:00pm, Sept. 19th - Dec. 5th 2019 | $180 for semester

Join Ms. Jess at the Strathcona Community Centre each week for a fun-filled musical adventure! With the Musicplay PreK curriculum by Denise Gagne of Themes & Variations, children will experience immersive and engaging learning with the following developmental benefits:

  • Understanding of fundamental music concepts

  • Advancement of gross motor & fine motor skills

  • Reinforcement of pre-literacy & early literacy knowledge

Weekly activities include group singing, dramatizing stories and poems, rhythm and movement games, and instrument playing. Give your child an early advantage in a safe, caring, and exciting environment with Rhythm Tank Studio's Discover Music! Playgroup.

Discover Music! Production Club

Coming Fall 2019!

In spring 2018 our studio students worked with Eric to create a Lego stop motion music video of "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles (watch it here). We liked it so much we decided to make a club out of it!


A fantastic option for young teens interested in audio-visual production, this club is a great place to hang out with friends while creating something unique and awesome. With Eric's help, share and improve your skills with your group as you work together to arrange and produce the song of your choice. Then, have at our two FULL 25L bins of Lego (no, we're not exaggerating) to make the creations that will bring your video to life. When all is said and done you'll get to show your finished project at the end of semester recital!

Coming Fall 2019!
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