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Looking for a fun and memorable experience that will boost your child's confidence and creativity? Join us and give your child the opportunity to explore the world of music firsthand through day camps that are hands-on, engaging, and most of all, fun! Our staff strive to create a welcoming, safe environment for all participants, and are certified in First Aid and CPR. Camps are held at various locations throughout Calgary and are open to everyone.


Help spark your child’s passion for the arts by discovering and exploring all things music. Discover Music!, for children ages 6-12, features daily activities and workshops designed for interactive learning and skill building. Participants will put on a performance showcase of music and drama at the end of camp to celebrate and share what they've learned and worked on throughout the week. This camp is a great introduction to the many aspects of music education and is open to children of all experience levels. See below for more information.


Thanks For a Great Summer!

Discover Music!

Ages 6-12
Full day (9am-4pm): $300
Half day (9am-12pm or 1-4pm): $150

Morning component - Learn the basics of music theory through interactive workshops and activities. Create your own musical instruments to play at home. Arrange and record a pop song to share with loved ones. Expand your horizons to experience music through the eyes of cultures around the world. Prepare songs using percussion and wind instruments for the end of week showcase.

Afternoon component - Dive into the world of production by combining music, drama, and technology. Exercise your imagination through story writing, prop and costume making. Use audio technology to record narration, sound effects, and soundtrack. Rehearse as a team to bring it all together. Perform your production at the end of week showcase for friends and family. 

*Cost for either before or after care is $50 per week. Cost for both before and after care is $75 per week.*

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