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 Audio Projects 

Paper Hearts - Tom Brent

Paper Hearts


Tom Brent approached me with a great acoustic track that he wanted arranged to a rock setting. After flushing out the arrangement, I recording the drums in Kelowna, the bass in Calgary, the vocals and guitars in Edmonton, and lead guitar in Vancouver. The final product is raw, emotional, and powerful. 

Old Toy Trains


Sheri Spencer had the ambition to sing and record an entire Christmas album. One of my favourite holiday tracks is "Old Toy Trains" originally done by Roger Miller, and it was pleasure to arrange this for her. The drums were recorded in a small church down the street, with the rest of the instruments being done in my bedroom studio.

Old Toy Trains - Sheri Spencer
Relentless - Jess & Eric



Jess and I play on the worship team at our church, and "Relentless" by Matt Crocker and Joel Houston is one of our favourites. We decided to arrange and record a version of this song very similar to the one we perform on a Sunday morning. The drums are programmed and sampled, with the rest being recording in my bedroom studio.

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